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Employee Spotlight Awards

Employee Spotlight Award Winner November March 2018
Emily Shedd -

Emily Shed

Employee Spotlight


Emily Shed grew up in Westminster , SC.  She became proficient early on in high school at utilization of online resources and the learnings that can come with knowing where to find information .  Hands of Mercy Hospice has been the beneficiary of this technical skill set for the eighteen months that she has been a Certified Nursing Assistant and office administrative assistant.  Her willingness to step up and find

solutions to problems, both in the field and in the office,  has helped build the team 

approach to caregiving that Hands of Mercy is known for.  In her off work time, Emily

Is an outdoor enthusiast and and accomplished drone pilot.


Emily Shed is the model of the professional, creative, patient centered employee that Hands of Mercy seeks


Thank you Emily!

Employee Spotlight Award Winner November March 2018
Laura Fraley - Meet our staff

Laura Fraley


A Florida native, Hands of Mercy Hospice administrator Laura Fraley has a passion for patients.  Laura did her RN training in Winter Haven, Florida.  Her 20 years of nursing have taken her to roles in med/surge, ambulatory surgery, pediatrics , endoscopy, infusion, chemo, lap band, and hospice.  In her role coordinating Hands of Mercy she brings an excitement for living and an understanding of dying to patients and families alike.  Laura is always available with a story to tell, an ear to listen, and a hand to hold.  Laura tells the story of her grandfather, an Ohio businessman and inventor, who held the first patient for the safety cap for prescription bottles.  He was a fiberglass manufacturer who developed lymphoma and spent his final days in the VA hospital in Lakeland Florida.  That experience left Laura with the drive and compassion to help the terminally ill and treasure their days.

Laura loves being outdoors, spending time with family, and going to the beach.

Laura is a huge asset to Hands of Mercy!


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