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Employee Spotlight Awards

Employee Spotlight Award Winner November June 2018
Debbie Stewart - Employee on the month

Meet Our Staff

Debbie Stewart is a native of Muskegon Michigan but returned to her family’s 

upcountry roots twenty years ago.  She has been involved in health care and helping patients for 28 years, having received her certified nursing assistant certificate in 1990.  


Hands of Mercy Hospice has benefited from her compassionate caregiving for the last two years.  Debbie has incredible insight into family dynamics and problem solving, according to her coworkers.  She brings a creative, can do attitude to all she undertakes, and makes things happen.  She is quick to identify and meet emotional needs of her patients, and does not miss an opportunity to do lots of hand holding. 

“There is no one out there who can’t use more hugs!” She declares.


Her patient advocacy approach to her assignment helps her to help her patients and family members walk a special journey.  Her specialty, winning over cantankerous patients, has led to unparalleled respect of all.


Debbie loves her “hobby farm” of livestock, including goats and cows, but her biggest

pride and joy are her children and grandchildren.  Thank you Debbie Stewart for your

“All In” commitment to the mission of Hands of Mercy Hospice!

Employee Spotlight Award Winner November May 2018
Denise Bolt - May Employee Spotlight

Meet Denise Bolt, RN/Patient Care Coordinator for Hands of Mercy Hospice.

Born in Georgia and reared in Oconee County, she attended Walhalla High School

and has spent her entire adult life in the healthcare field.  After raising her two boys

she went back to school and received her RN.  She has work at Stephens County Hospital in the surgical,and step down units as well as an infusion nurse. In two years at Hands of Mercy, she has touched the lives of dozens of patient with her compassionate care.  Coworkers describe her as having a calm demeanor, an experienced aura, and a thoughtful personality.  When asked about memorable moments in the job she relates multiple stories of close relationships with family members that have continued long after their loved ones are gone.


In her free time, Denise and her husband Mike love camping and live for trips in the western US.


Thank you Denise for all you do for your patients!

Employee Spotlight Award Winner November April 2018
Mathew Winters - Employee Spotlight April

Mathew Winters came to Hands of Mercy Hospice four years ago, bringing over twenty years of ministry experience

to support patients and their families.  A native of Portsmouth, Va., Mathew earned a BS in Religion from Liberty

University .  He also holds an MA in Religion, and a Masters in Divinity.  


‘When I came to Hands of Mercy, I expected that I would be dealing with the pain associated with dying, but now I realize

It’s more about fulfillment, both for myself and the families involved.”  Mathew’s calm and understanding demeanor are

a perfect fit for an organization that prides itself on understanding the needs of its patients. He goes  the extra mile to

get families what they need in order to have a more meaningful experience at a tender time in life.


Mathew serves the roles of Chaplin, Bereavement Coordinator, and Volunteer Coordinator for Hands of Mercy, and provides

Interfaith support at the discretion of families based on their faith needs.  As a gifted musician, Mathew often incorporates

music into his time with patients and families, both with piano and voice.  “I remember a patient recently joining me in singing

his request ‘The Old Rugged Cross’”.  Interesting how music can bring peace.


Mathew’s wife Jennifer is expecting their fifth child in May.  His skill as a parent is reflected in his ability to understand

and support all those whose path he crosses.  Hands of Mercy is so thankful to have skilled professional like Mathew

to make a difference in people’s lives!





Employee Spotlight Award Winner November March 2018
Emily Shedd -

Emily Shed

Employee Spotlight


Emily Shed grew up in Westminster , SC.  She became proficient early on in high school at utilization of online resources and the learnings that can come with knowing where to find information .  Hands of Mercy Hospice has been the beneficiary of this technical skill set for the eighteen months that she has been a Certified Nursing Assistant and office administrative assistant.  Her willingness to step up and find

solutions to problems, both in the field and in the office,  has helped build the team 

approach to caregiving that Hands of Mercy is known for.  In her off work time, Emily

Is an outdoor enthusiast and and accomplished drone pilot.


Emily Shed is the model of the professional, creative, patient centered employee that Hands of Mercy seeks


Thank you Emily!

Employee Spotlight Award Winner November March 2018
Laura Fraley - Meet our staff

Laura Fraley


A Florida native, Hands of Mercy Hospice administrator Laura Fraley has a passion for patients.  Laura did her RN training in Winter Haven, Florida.  Her 20 years of nursing have taken her to roles in med/surge, ambulatory surgery, pediatrics , endoscopy, infusion, chemo, lap band, and hospice.  In her role coordinating Hands of Mercy she brings an excitement for living and an understanding of dying to patients and families alike.  Laura is always available with a story to tell, an ear to listen, and a hand to hold.  Laura tells the story of her grandfather, an Ohio businessman and inventor, who held the first patient for the safety cap for prescription bottles.  He was a fiberglass manufacturer who developed lymphoma and spent his final days in the VA hospital in Lakeland Florida.  That experience left Laura with the drive and compassion to help the terminally ill and treasure their days.

Laura loves being outdoors, spending time with family, and going to the beach.

Laura is a huge asset to Hands of Mercy!


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